Feedback from WrexhamFrench customers


"I really enjoyed the lessons as they are more conversational based. The pace of the course really suits someone with a very busy life and no prior knowledge of French. I am amazed by the progress I have made within such short period of time. The variety of teaching methods Tom used have made the whole experience a very fun and engaging one for me. Many thanks." (Jiayu, Wrexham, March 2016)


" 'I have loved the Wrexham French Beginner courses!  It is a great introduction into French, or even as a refresher. The subjects covered are those I would actually use in France (e.g. directions, booking accommodation) which is so helpful. Tom creates a friendly, comfortable environment where you feel confident answering questions, and also making mistakes, which is the best way to learn! Très bien!' "  (Catrin, Rossett, March 2016)

"I have really enjoyed my courses with 'Le Prof'.  It is not a bit like school, he teaches at a level that is easy to follow, repeats things until he is certain that every one is conversant with the program that he is teaching. A great relaxed and easy to understand course, with an extremely friendly atmosphere. I have learned a lot with him, and if an old fogie like me can learn, others will have no problem."  (Ron, Coedpoeth, March 2016)

"We have just spent the last weekend in France arranging our daughter's weddings with her future family who are French. All the conversations were in French and we were able to understand and contribute. We found ourselves alone with the restaurant manager and managed small chat...until the others arrived.
Tom's lessons have gently introduced us to the French language and we've enjoyed the interactive format of the lessons which are cleverly constructed so that we seemed to have learnt a lot quite painlessly
We look forward to the next  set of lessons"
(Anne and Don, Wrexham - April 2015)

" This course really works and is a very enjoyable way to learn a new language. Allows steady progression to good conversational French in a relaxed atmosphere, excellent course notes with plenty of opportunity for revision"  (Margaret, nr Wrexham, April 2015)

 "The courses over the last 18 months have been so useful to us - it all started off as just a desire to be able to communicate better on holiday but, with my change in work circumstances, it's made a massive difference to my relationship with my new French work colleagues who really appreciate my desire and ability to (almost!!) communicate with them in French  - they just aren't used to British people wanting to communicate in their mother tongue." (Chris and Maggie, April 2015)

"The french we had learnt was REALLY helpful! We ordered Croque Monsieur and felt much more confident in situations."  (Geraint, Ruabon - October 2014)

"Just a quick thank you for the lessons over the past 12 months or so, all the modules have been really enjoyable and I will miss the social aspect...

The pace of learning was exactly right for me and the interaction of the group helped to provide a great learning experience ( as well as some really good laughs)
You have given me the confidence to initiate conversations whilst in France and also ensured a better social life around our cottage in France"  (Pete, Wrexham - July 2013)

"This is a great way to learn is readily available, with plenty of practice in speaking and writing.  I started as a rusty beginner and have worked my way through the modules and now feel comfortable moving on to the Conversational level module.  There is plenty of advice and tips during the classes and outside of them via email.  It's a much better and more adaptive way of learning than sitting at home alone with a book course.  I would totally recommend it and will make full use of what I've learnt (so far and will continue to learn) as I spend more time in France." (Matt, Wrexham - February 2013)

"Just a quick note to thank you ever so much for your help over the last year. I've really enjoyed my French lessons and hope to continue them in the future... The course has been incredibly useful.  I felt everything was taken at the right pace and it has been made so much easier due to the friendliness of everyone! I feel that I have gained confidence not only in the grammar involved but also with conversational skills and have really appreciated the chance to practise oral work with people of a similar standard. It's been a pleasure to get to know the class and therefore work together to develop our skills. Thank you for your patience, help and support!"  (Beth, Oswestry - February 2013)

"Thanks a lot again for all your help. I was unsure what to expect on the first day of the 8 week course. Any anxieties I had were quickly gone however within the first few minutes of starting as a relaxed, friendly atmosphere is created following the tutor's introduction. Now having finished the course I can safely say that my knowledge and understanding of the language has increased significantly. Most importantly however the course builds up a confidence in you which can only be attained through active group sessions like Wrexham French. Many thanks to Tom and the rest of the class!" (Robert, Corwen - May 2012)

"I can highly recommend the Intermediate French lessons - the informal yet structured approach makes learning very enjoyable and I always feel that I can ask questions. In these lessons, learning really is fun and I feel that I have made great progress." (Debbie, Wrexham - November 2010)

"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone thinking of learning French. Everyone is friendly and there is plenty of support available. The various teaching techniques make the lessons both interesting and enjoyable. In the short time I have been going I have learnt far more than I ever thought I would."  (Joanne, Wrexham - February 2011)

"There were so many incidents I could tell you about, but basically, without coming to your french classes, I would have floundered badly (on holiday in France) ... keep up the good work and I hope to rejoin class in September."  (Annette, Wrexham - April 2011)

''Having completed 2 French courses I regained some of my school French and even more valuable was the confidence to try my French whilst in France. I would definitely recommend these courses as they are friendly yet educational!"  (Penny from Wrexham - June 2011)

"I had not spoken any French since my school days and was apprehensive in case I was unable to keep up with everyone else.  However I needn't have worried as everyone was at the same level.  I enjoyed the course very much  and thought that the content was appropriate for every day needs and that it was delivered at just the right pace."  (Rosemary from Holt, near Wrexham - November 2011)

"I found that through the course I had gained a much better idea of the working of the verbs, a broader knowledge of the language and more at ease when speaking."  (David, Llangollen - November 2011)

"I took the eight weeks basic French class.  All the students - and also my teacher - were very friendly.  I really enjoyed the class very much.  I have decided to take another class from next year.  I am very looking forward to study French with them again.  I can definitely recommend this class to anyone who is thinking of studying French."  (Saki, Wrexham, November 2011)

"Keith and I enjoyed your course very much and although it was only eight weeks, we feel we made a lot of progress during that time. It was a very friendly group and we liked the informality of your lesson plans."  (Celia and Keith, Wrexham, December 2011)