Each of the following modules consists of eight 2 hour sessions - a total of 16 hours per module.

DIRECTIONS & TRAVELLING (available at Basic and Improvers levels)

Learn how to ask for and understand directions to places, buy train tickets, book hotel rooms, etc.


(available at Basic and Improvers levels)

Learn how to greet people, ask them about themselves, and tell them about yourself.   Find out how to order food and drink in cafés and restaurants, how to ask for things in shops, and how to explain about simple medical problems at the chemist.  "Do you have something for a sore throat?"

MAKING PLANS (available at Operational level)

Talking about future events, and expressing preferences. "I will go to France for my holidays next year, I love the food there!"

TELLING THE STORY parts 1 and 2 (both available at Operational level)

Talking about past events - what you did this morning, last week, maybe last year on holiday.  "I went to France last year, and liked the scenery."


This is the module which enables you to practise speaking, improve your ability to express and understand views and opinions, and enter into deeper conversation.